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Giải thưởng
To our hundreds of previous awards, we added new awards from the world's most significant institutions and competitions in 2010.
Which? magazine, “Best Buy” award to Beko 4-door refrigerator and 2 washing machines.

Total 6 “Plus X” technology and design awards to Beko refrigerator, built-in oven, heating drawer, washing machine and 2 dishwashers.

"Good Design" award to Beko LED TV

The first and only white goods company granted the most efficient production process award, i.e., the "Gold Certificate" with its eight environmentally-friendly production facilities.

Finalist in the Management category of “EU Environment Awards” given by the European Commission.

For the first time in white goods industry worldwide, the highest "TPM Special Award" to Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant by JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) following the "Excellence Award"

"The Best Durable Goods Company” and the award of fastest-growing company in its industry to Beko UK by Plimsoll Portfolio.

"White Goods Supplier of the Year” awards by Euronics and Currys (DSG) in the UK.